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Credit and Debit Card Security
and Privacy Policy

Clearwater GMX goes to extreme measures to protect the security of your credit/debit card data, personal information, and transactions.

Once you submit an order through our secure order page, your credit/debit card information is removed from our website and server. We do not store your order information in a computer data base.


How We Protect Your Credit and Debit Card Information

As soon as your credit/debit card is billed and your invoice created, your credit/debit card information is split apart and stored as follows:

  • The last four digits of your credit/debit card number and the expiration month are included on the invoice sent to you with your order, and a hard copy of the invoice is filed in our office.

  • The first twelve digits of your credit/debit card number and the expiration year are entered in a ledger book that is kept in a safe and secure separate location. At the approximate end of your 120 Day Money Back Guarantee Period, this credit card data is then remove from our ledger book, shredded and disposed of.

  • Once your invoice has been created and the data entered into ourt ledger book, the original hand order or website order paperwork is then shredded and disposed of.

For a thief to gain access to your credit/debit card information, they must obtain a copy of your invoice, our ledger book, and know how to tie the two pieces of information together. How we tie the two pieces of information together is confidential and not documented anywhere. Once again, we do not store any customer order data in a computer data base.


We are so confident in the security of our on-line transactions that we offer our customers this Security Guarantee.

Clearwater GMX Security Guarantee:

If your credit/debit card information is ever stolen while using our on-line order system and fraudulent charges are made to your credit card, we will reimburse you for the amount of fraudulent charges not covered by your credit/debit card issuer. With a guarantee like this, you can feel free to take full advantage of everything that the GMX product line has to offer.


Clearwater GMX Privacy Policy

Clearwater GMX never rents, sells or otherwise distributes any information about our customers. This includes any personal data, email addresses and credit card information. We DO NOT support SPAM in any form and all information provided to us is kept strictly confidential.

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