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No-Salt Water Treatment Systems

About the GMX Water Treatment System

GMX is a water treatment system that uses no-salt, chemicals or electricity to solve hard scale issues common to household plumbing and fixtures.

The GMX water conditioner does not require maintenance and is easy to install without any plumbing required.
The GMX water treatment is 100 percent maintenance free and is very simple to install without any electrical or plumbing requirements. GMX prevents scale build up and removes existing hard scale deposits in cold and hot water plumbing pipes. It can extend and protect the life of your hot water heater, household dishwasher and laundry washing machine. Minerals, including calcium and lime-scale on faucets, spouts, showers and sinks will easily wipe away. Soap will fully lather, your skin will feel smoother and hair is silkier. Drinking healthier and better tasting water along with cleaner, brighter and lasting laundry will be realized. GMX is perfect for tank-less style hot water heaters. With distribution word wide, GMX has been in business since 1992.

With salt based water treatment systems, maintenance is ongoing, requires salt and wastes gallons of discharge water into the water table along with the spent sodium. People on a salt restricted diet, will benefit with GMX as a healthier alternative

Defining Hard Water and Soft Water

Water hardness is measured by the concentration of minerals in your water. And can be calculated in parts-per-million (ppm). Soft Water will measure less ppm, while hard water will have higher concentrations. Hard minerals in your water, including lime, magnesium and calcium tend to have a "bonding" characteristic. This is the reason minerals build up in your plumbing and accumulate on house hold fixtures, like faucets, glasses showers, etc. and is also why skin and hair feels dry and sticky after showering

How does a No Salt Water Treatment System Work

When water flows through the GMX water treatment device, the surface of the minerals in your water develop a small electrical charge. Somewhat similar to the way electricity is generated with the use of a copper coil. Even though the minerals are not metallic, they still take on a small surface charge. The water is not considered electrified, but the minerals take on a enough of a charge to excite them. The electrical surface charge has the effect on the minerals to diminish their ability to bond and reduces the "stickiness". Minerals are unable to clump together that create the little stones in your homes plumbing. The result you feel is your water feels and acts like soft water without the use of salt, while in fact, all the minerals are still present in the water. Additionally, with the reduction of the surface tension in your water, shampoos and soaps detergents will lather up much better. Additional benefits - The surface charge will transfer from the minerals flowing in your water to the existing hard scale build up in your plumbing. As the electrical charge transfer occurs, existing minerals that are built up will lose their bond to each other. Deposits of hard minerals eventually melt away. By significantly reducing and eliminating this mineral build up, water flow improves and your hot water heater become more efficient. The treated water also allows clean up of existing scale to become much easier.

How is the performance?

Competing companies will make claims that the no-salt GMX water treatment system does not work as well as salt based systems.
Keep in mind that:

  1. Competition will always have a biased viewpoint.
  2. Because all the minerals are still present, measuring hardness is irrelevant.
  3. They may want to sell you on filters, chemicals, or salt.

The GMX system is not designed to remove the minerals from your water. It simply changes the crystal's surface structure to make them less bonding.

We are very certain that you will be happy with the GMX no salt water treatment system. Try it for 90 days, if not fully satisfied, you have a 100% money back guarantee.

Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
Applies to All Systems & Models, except GMX Model 8000. (commercial applications)

The GMX system is unconditionally guaranteed. The GMX system must be installed and used for a period of 90 days. If within 30 days after the 90 day period, (120 days from date of purchase) the GMX System has not performed to your satisfaction, simply call GMX for a RMA number, return the undamaged unit to the manufacturer and your money will be promptly refunded.

Select your Water Treatment System based on:

• Water Hardness       • Quantity of Water Heaters

GMX-4800GMX Treatment System Model 4800
1 Water Heater
Under 12 grains hardness (200 ppm)
Online Store

GMX-6800The GMX Treatment System Model 6800
2 Water Heaters
Under 12 grains hardness (200 ppm)
Online Store

If your water hardness exceeds 12 Grains (200 ppm)

GMX-5800 The GMX Treatment System Model 5800
1 Water Heater
Over 12 grains hardness (200 ppm)
Online Store

GMX-7800 The GMX Treatment System Model 7800
2 Water Heaters
Over 12 grains hardness (200 ppm)
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