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No-Salt Water Softener Systems

About the GMX Water Softener

The GMX system is a no-salt water softener that solves problems caused by hard water minerals, without the necessity of electricity or chemicals.

The GMX water softener does not need any maintenance and is DIY easy to install and no plumbing or wiring is required.
GMX eliminates existing mineral scale in hot and cold water pipes. And will also add protection and life to your hot water heater and household appliances that use water. Magnesium, Calcium and lime build-up on sinks, shower heads and faucets will wipe off easily and disappear. Soaps and Shampoo lathers fuller, skin feels smoother and hair is easier maintained. Drink healthier water with life giving minerals still present. Laundry is whiter, brighter and lasts longer. GMX is also great for the on demand style water heaters. Established in 1992, GMX is distributed to households worldwide.

Salt based water softeners need maintenance, sodium, waste hundreds of gallons of water and discharge waste into the community water table.
People on a salt restricted diet will find the GMX system as a healthy alternative.

What is Hard Water - Soft Water

The Hardness of Water is defined by the concentration of minerals within your water. And is measurable in a (ppm) "parts per million" mineral count. Hard water can be determined as being hard by having a higher ppm count, while soft water will have a lesser ppm count. These minerals present in your water (magnesium, lime and calcium,) are naturally very sticky. This is the explanation of how minerals will accumulate on the walls of your pipes and on household appliances and fixtures, and is also why your skin and hair feels dry and sticky or dry after taking a shower.

How does a No Salt Water Softener Work

When water flows through the GMX water softener device, minerals in your water grab a small electrical surface charge. This is similar to how a generator creates electricity in a coil. While the minerals are not a coil, the small surface charge is present only at a molecular level. Your water's not exactly electrified, but the mineral particles do become excited. This surface charge effects the minerals in a way to lose their ability to bond and the "stickiness". These minerals are no longer able to clump together like small stones in your hot and cold water pipes. The felt effect is your water performs like it's been softened and feels softer than non-softened water, even though all the minerals are still very much present in the water. Plus, the water's surface tension is reduced allowing your soaps and shampoos to lather more efficiently. The surface charge will also transfer from the flowing minerals to the existing scale that is encrusted to the pipes in your home. As the electrical charge transfer develops, minerals that have been built up lose their bond. Pre-existing deposits of scale will be slowly washed away. Reduction or elimination of this scale build up eases the flow of water in your home and greatly improves your hot water heaters ability to perform. Additionally, the softened water allows for easier household cleaning.

How well does the system perform?

You may have read or heard claims from other water treatment companies that no-salt water softening systems do not work very well.

Please be aware that:

  1. These companies are competition and have a somewhat biased opinion.
  2. They commonly want to get you trapped into expensive filters or chemicals.
  3. Since the minerals are still present, there is no change in the water ppm count.

The GMX Water Softener does not remove any of the healthy minerals in your water. It simply makes a molecular change to the crystal structure in a way that makes minerals less adhering.

We are so convinced that you will be fully satisfied with the GMX no salt water softener system, that we have an unconditional, 100% money back guarantee.

Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
Applies to All Systems & Models, except GMX Model 8000.

The GMX system is unconditionally guaranteed. The GMX system must be installed and used for a period of 90 days. If within 30 days after the 90 day period, (120 days from date of purchase) the GMX System has not performed to your satisfaction, simply call GMX for a RMA number, return the undamaged unit to the manufacturer and your money will be promptly refunded.

Select your Water Softener System based on:

• Water Hardness       • Quantity of Water Heaters

GMX-4800GMX Softener System Model 4800
1 Water Heater
Under 12 grains hardness (200 ppm)
Online Store

GMX-6800The GMX Softener System Model 6800
2 Water Heaters
Under 12 grains hardness (200 ppm)
Online Store

If your water hardness exceeds 12 Grains (200 ppm)

GMX-5800 The GMX Softener System Model 5800
1 Water Heater
Over 12 grains hardness (200 ppm)
Online Store

GMX-7800 The GMX Softener System Model 7800
2 Water Heaters
Over 12 grains hardness (200 ppm)
Online Store

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