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How the GMX Water Softening System Works

This explanation is very simplistic. How the GMX system works is actually much more involved. But, this should give you the general idea. See the Clearwater GMX Reading Room for detailed scientific information.

The minerals (calcium, lime, magnesium, etc.) in your water are normally very sticky substances. This is why they build up in your pipes, on your household fixtures, shower walls, dishes, etc. and make your skin and hair feel sticky or dry.

As your water passes through the scientifically designed GMX device, the minerals in your water adopt a very small surface charge. Similar to how a generator creates a large electrical charge in a copper wire and produces electricity. The minerals are not copper wires, therefore the surface charge is very very small and only present at the molecular level. Your water is not electrified, but the minerals are excited.

This very small surface charge causes the minerals to lose their "stickiness" or "bonding ability". The minerals are no longer clumped together like little stones in your pipes. The net effect is your water feels and acts softer even though the minerals are still present. The surface tension of your water is also reduced causing soaps and shampoos to work much better.

This very small surface charge is also transferred from the minerals flowing in your water to any existing scale build up you may have. As this charge transfer occurs, it causes the built up minerals to lose their stickiness, also. Existing mineral deposits are slowly melted away. This is how the GMX System increases the water flow in your home and improves water heater efficiency. GMX will also make cleaning much easier.

The design of the "Magnetic Water Softening System" is critical to achieve the desired effect. Smaller, less powerful, or poorly designed systems or magnetic bars do not achieve results comparable the GMX System or a traditional salt-based water softener.You get what you pay for with GMX.

Before and After Photos of Water

Water before GMX. Water after GMX.
Untreated Water:
Microscopic photo of untreated
water. Magnified 400x
Treated Water:
Same water after treatment
with a GMX System.
Magnified 400x.

This is what the GMX System will do for clogged water pipes.

Typical pipe not treated with GMX Water Softeners.

Typical scale and calcium buildup caused by untreated water has almost closed this pipe.

Typical pipe after 3 months of treatment with GMX.

This photo shows the effect of GMX treated water on the same section of pipe a short time (3 months) after installation.

Typical pipe after treatment with GMX Water Softners.

After continual treatment, most scale is removed and will be prevented as long as the GMX System is in operation.

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US Government Report: Non-Chemical Technologies for Scale and Hardness Control. The U.S. Department of Energy Reports:

"These technologies can be used as a replacement for most water-softening equipment. Specifically, chemical softening, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis (RO), when used for the control of hardness........"

To review this U.S. Department of Energy Report, various publications and other scientific information, please visit the Clearwater GMX Reading Room by clicking below.

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